May 2, 2015

Sewing Machine

Watercolor sketchbook still life fabrics and sewing machine

The variety of colors and textures made the photo of sewing machine so very interesting to me. So I tried to catch this variety with watercolors and pencils.
We are in the beginning of the spring now. This time of year makes me happy and presents amazing colors and feelings. I made this photo yesterday, in the moment between the sun and the rain.

April 29, 2015

Vase and Flowers

Still life in ink, watercolor, gel pen
14cm x 23cm, Ink, Watercolor, White Gel pen

Sketchbook page.
I used Pigma Micron Burgundy color for thin lines and it turned branches into veins.

April 27, 2015

One Minute Ink People

Ink and sepia one minute sketches of nude models

Every new post I have more and more difficulty to find idea what to write about and how to keep blogging alive. Crisis, sort of.
Let my drawings tell stories instead of me. For a while.
I turned off comments in Moscow photo blog and considering to do the same here.
It just seems to me to be right and fair, as my activity in bloglife tends to zero. And I feel ashamed to receive your kindness without feedback.
All the best to you, my dear readers.

April 19, 2015

Hands Study in Charcoal

I back to painting and blogging and so happy about it.

March 3, 2015

The Spring is Almost Here.

39cm x 50cm, Acrylic on wallpaper

Winter day with the smell of the spring in it.

February 20, 2015

Night Sea and Lamppost

Drawing of night scene is a new challenge for me. I draw it with oil pastel sticks and help from my memories of night sea views in Montenegro.
The darks in the original drawing are much more colorful than the camera version of this work.

February 19, 2015

Sketching People

New report from the exercises in drawing class with nude model.

February 15, 2015

The Winter Day

I try here to catch the monochrome of ordinary winter day and make it a little more colorful.

February 6, 2015

Urban Sketching in Moscow.

I am back to sketching my city. This time I was waiting in the car and sketched the view in front of me in ink pen and pencils.

February 5, 2015

Colorful Portrait

A3, Pastel on pastel paper

I keep collecting ideas in the book "One Drawing A Day" by V.Lawlor.
This time it is portrait drawn in pastel, fast and without deep analyses.
To give freedom to hand, to imagination, to color.
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