May 28, 2009

Watercolor is Difficult

Ref. photo, A3

Watercolor is still uncontrollable. The paper is mistake, does not keep water. I do not understand values. When tried to remove extra sharpness, received fog :-)). Besides, looks like several suns shining all around.
And again mountains and fences.
And it is my first try of masking fluid on fence and horses (they are horses!).
No talent. Not even smallest bit. But a lot of wish, power and will. And I LOVE the process.


  1. You don't need talent... just HARD WORK and FOCUS!! :)

  2. I feel the same, Irina, but you are mistaken about talent. You do have talent! I've seen in many of your works. but watercolour is difficult. Really. Most difficult of all painting techniques, but once you fall in love it's forever., isn1t it? I dont like to use masking fluid, but it's intersting to try.
    A book who helped me very much is Wet on wet watercolour painting by Ewa Karpinska, She shows several examples of what what happens when water drops in paper, according to how wet is the paper.

    I learned to observe the action of water on paper and that improved my work a lot.I like very much your art, I think you have a signature and this is not easy!

  3. Thank you Anamaria! Thank you dear friend!


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