June 7, 2009

Lesson from Alwin Crawshaw's "Watercolor for Beginners"

At last I did all possible copies of the book's paintings. At first it was interesting and I was full of enthusiasm, which faded by the end of the book, as I was tired and bored copying. Did it help me to improve my paintings? Hard to say. It is so many things I have to learn: how to draw, to mix colors, about paper, shapes, values, how to be patient, etc. So at a moment looks like I made a small step with this book, but very small.
Book is good, simple and easy. I can advice it as the beginning experience to all who interested.
Besides, as I have already written, the drawing lesson copying is a great way to audioreading. "Doctor Zhivago" is done, Svetony's "Life of 12th Ceasars" is in progress.

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