July 7, 2009


This one was done in Kiev airport, while I was waiting for transit to Tbilisi. I made a lot of small drawings of passengers in transit area (had to kill 4 hours between flights by duty free shops exploring, music listening and drawing people around). Decided to publish this guy just for a change.


One of my collegues presented this 40cm sculpture of a clown with sad eyes on my birthday. Kept it in the office (heavy toy!). Looking for a drawing model I realised it was the best I could find. I think the result turned up OK, considering. No sad eyes, but proportions and clothes look OK to me.

1 comment:

  1. J'aime bien ce que tu fais.
    J'ai pas compris ce que veux dire le logo photoshop ?
    A bientôt
    Pierre alias masmoulin


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