July 15, 2009

I started drawing/painting 1 year ago

Yesterday, while copying Lowrey's watercolor, I realised that I had progress. This year's work turned a success. The comments of my dearest friends and blog visitors inspired me. Almost every day experience made my hand stronger, braver and confident. The main interest and pleasure lay inside the process of drawing/painting. The result is always lovely (as painting is a part of me, and who can say that he does not love his parts :-))? ) That is great!

Now I am planning to make my palette color charts (though there are a lot of questions here - the work is boring and the color variations are so wide) and to start sketching before painting (though I am afraid to lose the impulse painting and swap it by analysing before painting - my least wanted). And of course I will go on with internet-books-plein airs-still lifes experience.

Also I see that I am hooked by blogging. First it was the need to showcase my works to anybody. The knowing that sometime somebody can see my paintings completely fulfilled the wish to be famous :-)). Now I more interested in reading and watching other blogs. And I am happy to see so many talanted artists and interesting persons.

P.S. Film "Revolutionary Road" by Sam Mendes. I watched it today at last. One of the best films I saw.
"Дорога перемен" Сема Мендеса. Сегодня я его, наконец, посмотрела. Очень. Мендес, как и в "Красоте", говорит о страхе перед переменами, об ужасе и коконе рутины. Актеры. Ощущение от игры ДиКаприо, как всегда от игры настоящих актеров, - ровно через 5 минут ты забываешь, что перед тобой красавчик Лео (или Хофман, или Ал Пачино), и на 100% веришь его герою. И все остальное настоящее - и монтаж, и костюмы, и диалоги. Удовольствие для души, работа для мозгов.


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