July 1, 2009

In the Park

I was in the park today. Great. It is summer and I am free. So I decided to feel each sunny or just warm day of short Moscow summer. It was again a plein air experience which turned nice, considering. Only at the end of the session I realised I painted in sun glasses with brown lenses :-)). It took about two hours, I was tired by the end and fell asleep. Next time I will paint on A5 size paper..

I have already enough experience to compare "Student grade Cotman watercolors" which I used today to White Nights-Yarka St-Petersberg watercolors, which I use in almost all my works. Russian set is much better. Cotman's is good only because it is in small and not heavy box:-)).


  1. I saw on an earlier post that you didn't have the courage to submit your work to DSFDF. I hope that, by now, you have changed your mind. Your drawings and paintings are very nice! Go for it!

  2. I love the Park with a beautiful light

  3. Thank you, candy and Masmoulin!

  4. Irina, I think you are progressing nicely. Unlike many beginners you are practicing drawing. To often people jump into the medium without any skills at drawing. They are quickly frustrated or don't care. Good drawing skills lead to better paintings in the future.
    I know how painting and living without much sunlight can be very depressing. As with any light condition it's best to look for the larger shapes of values. Do this by squinting your eyes so that the scene is out of focus with no detail. This will show the large shapes of values. For beginners and even the more experienced it sometimes a good idea to just paint the larger shapes and not worry about the details. It's good practice, give it a try. It will help when composing a scene as well. Keep painting and learning Irina, I'll be watching.


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