August 25, 2009

Bye, Summer!

I have a dream. I want to stop my activity for a week, lock myself in the house and paint non-stop. Yes, it is just a dream, specially considering the list of my "have to be done today"s. Today morning it took only one hour to draw these two small paintings. But I was so calm, peaceful and content when finished. And relaxed. The inner voice telling me "paint-paint-paint-you haven't painted for two-three-five days" was silent. No, I am not mad, I am hooked by the magic of creativity.


  1. wow girl you are really better then before!!! wow! again :)

  2. Hi Irina, I love these two, especially the 1st one with the trees. I do know how you feel, there is always so much to do. I don't even work out of the house, sleep very little and still have trouble keeping up. Sometimes I think I should divide my day into 2 hours sections. 2hours to paint, 2hours to work on business plans, 2hours to clean & housekeep, 2hours to work in the garden - well, as you know, I could go on and on and still not get finished!
    No wonder you want to take 2 days just to paint - that is a beautiful idea! Let me know if you ever get to do that!

  3. Lolly, thank you!!!

    Beckie, thank you. And besides, times moves so faster each year. Good idea about 2 hours schedule - but be sure to turn off internet, otherwise I am lost and my schedules broken :-)))

  4. Lovely, I specially love the seashore with that textured slope and the quiet sea, it's so soothing, great job!

  5. Thank you, Teresa, you are very kind.


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