August 13, 2009


Half a year ago I was waiting for changes in my life. And I draw dawns and looked intently at these dawns as I look into open window. It happened. Now my interest is doors. New opportunities. What is hidden behind?


  1. Hi Irina

    I also like doors. They can be so beautiful! We did a challenge at The Artist Challenge called "Behind Closed Doors" in May. Have you visited this Challenge? It is really moving, the moderator, Vikki North is a kind person & mentor and a wonderful artist. There is a Forum called "The Pub". It has 10 or 15 regular users that I am getting to know & their support is wonderful. Please take a look at this Challenge and if you decide to join, tell Vikki we are friends!

    It is my "Home Challenge" - the one that I feel the most loyalty to and support from.

    BTW, I love your door!

  2. Beckie, thank you for the link. I will study it.


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