August 2, 2009

Hi, Mr.Picasso!

A3 on pastel paper
DSFDF gave three weeks for this project, but I finished only today, too late to send.
When I saw what DSFDF offered for the challenge, I was confused. Again, my "first time" situation: in figure drawing, in figure painting, in watercolor figure painting, bla-bla-bla. But I was hooked and planned to draw pastel though finished with watercolor.
There was no way I wanted to place the wall. What to do? The guy looked too lonely so the girl joined him.
Besides other features of painting the strong one is the ability to laugh looking at the result :-)
No, the guy did not have "an accident", it is wrong color choosen to make shadow under him.


  1. Hi, Irina! I really like how the man seats. he's perfect. i can tell you only 1 mistake- the right leg is a little not so good standing. but you do him excellent althought!!! :)i don't like the women much. i'm honest with you. hope you don't mind :) i'm sick of blogs where everyone talks about how lovely how pretty and even not a one word about creative critic!

  2. Hi Lolly and thank you so much for truth comment. I agree about lovely/pretty :-)))

  3. Hi, Irina your really doing an awesome job here. You have a lot of great paintings. Have you tried rebinding a moleskine yet?

    I couldn't find your email so I put a comment on here.


  4. Hi Kirby thank you for your comment. I have corrected the profile and added e-mail. I keep your instructions for future. I see this technique will be useful for me not only for moleskine, thank you again.


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