August 30, 2009




  1. Good day Irina! I love your still life - especially the reflection! I would be proud to have that displayed in my home!

    TAC's free Challenge #17 The Gift - deadline September 19th!

    Check it out - I'd like to see you there - only if you want too, of course! We can always meet up anywhere with this great internet! Isn't it marvelous?

  2. Beckie, Thank you!!! I want so much to paint all sorts of things: from imagination, challenges, manuals, photos, copies of other people paintings but I am so busy, that I can make only chaotic movements, no plan at all :-)) Will love to do the challenge, only if I find time...

  3. wow irina thank you so much for that blog that you recomended to me! it's awesome. i've quit painting this summer, because when i'm with my parents in my hometown i can't paint :) i have to be alone to do this...


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