September 8, 2009


The one on the left. You put small white drop in the middle of the black of its' eye and suddenly the bird is live and looks at you attentively.
The one on the right. Looks watercolourly, I like the effect. Indigo is great.


  1. Hi, I found you by way of another blog. Your bird paintings are very sweet. Happy painting

  2. Hi Irina.

    I use Picasa (free download) and I do change the html for every picture. But it is very easy, in line 3 (if you are using Picasa I change the code s400 to s800. That`s all.

    If you don`t want to use this program you can easily change the size of your picture when you make a new post. Use the tag "write" (I`m not sure of the name, because I use Norweagian) Click on the image and you can change the size. Hope this make any sense to you. Good luck!


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