November 21, 2009

Quick Studies

This ficus is my first drawing while I had my lunch in cafe. I feel extremly shy to draw when people are around. Afraid that somebody will laugh at my drawings... That time it was OK, as I hid in the farest corner. And two months later, yestreday, I added color.

This one is the study of Mineke Reinders painting. I did it in 15 minutes and pleased with the result. I added sun rays with cotton pad.


  1. Hi Irina,
    I used to feel the same way.... sometimes I still hate having people around when I! Not everyone will like our work but what's important is that it gives us joy!!
    Great work!!

  2. Keep working wherever you are inspired. That is all that is important. I like the plant and the sketches of people and the boat. My art teacher always tells us you need to sketch a lot.

  3. Thank you, Manon. Several times I tricked myself by sketching outdoors, but sitting in the car :-)) veeery comfortable!
    Thank you, Jean. Yes, practice do miracles.


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