November 8, 2009

Still Life with Books

A4, photo source - Wet Canvas images library
Two Saturdays ago I started visiting drawing and painting teacher. During my first lesson I drew cube, on my second lesson I made color mixes. This painting shows the results of my studing. Color and shape. 


  1. Irina, I like the sound of your teacher! That's how I teach from the very basics up. But I really love this painting with the blue background... the colors, the lace and bow. Is that an old porcelain demitasse cup? I have a very old, pink Russian porcelain cup with a little floral spray that sits on my bureau. It's a favorite.

  2. Suzanne, thank you for the comment. I painted this still life from photo, but, yes, I have the same at my parents' place, you pointed it right!


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