December 6, 2009

Does the Sun exist at all?

With all my 100% optimistic nature I want to forwarn that I will go mad, if I do not see the sun in the nearest days. It occured to be so hard challenge to live without seeing the sun...
What do you think: do I have to add yellow to the sunny side of the buildings to make contrast stronger?


  1. Hi Irina. One of my biggest problems (I'm told) is contrast in my paintings. SO, make your contrasts strong and distinct (I'm told) to make your picture "pop". I don't know that yellow is the answer, but do make it lighter on the sunny side and darker on the shadow side. :-) I like "warm" shadow - blue with red mixed (purple-ish?).

    After all of that, I do like your painting as it is. :-) As for the sun, it's shining here, you get to see it tomorrow or the day after!

    We'll talk later,
    Ken B.

  2. Hey Irina,
    I really like these paintings of buildings!! Nice work!!
    Your new blogger pic is very cute!!

  3. Avocaken, that's it, Thank you for making it clear to me. I used warm blue instead of cold one. And as for "darker" - I'm always afraid to do wrong with values, so I will practice more.
    And for the sun, it is first strong snow today :-)) In any case, it is better then grey nothing!

    Thank you, Manon!


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