December 31, 2009


A3, Oil pastel, craft paper
My contribution to Karin Jurick's "Different Strokes from Different Folks" challenge.
This time we have to paint the portrait of another participant of the challenge, Karin sends us the photo via email. We had three weeks to do the task, but I finished only today morning.

I easily agreed to participate, it was like playing the game. Only when I got the portrait of this pleasant person, I realised how serious the matter is. Real person, with his character, individuality, high painting skills. And me, with short painting experience, almost no experience in portrait painting at all.  But I did it. And I hope very much that the man in the portrait has strong sense of humour and HappyNewYear mood.
Well, if he does not recognise himself, then no point for me to panic?


  1. Irina, great job. Love the stature you gave this person. Love the colors you chose. Works beautifully. Happy New Year to you. Ruth

  2. Hi Irina, I like your DSFDF portrait very much! I have a small set of oil pastels given to me as a present but I haven't tried them yet. Looking at your portrait and how beautiful the colors are, I'm going to give my oil pastels a try very soon! Thanks.

    Ken B.

  3. Ruth - thank you! And Happy New Year to you too!
    Ken - thank you so much. I was not sure at all how it turned out for fresh eye.
    I like the oil pastels very much, for their strong color and thick texture, very grateful medium, comparing to unpredictable watercolors...

  4. You did great for the DSFDF Challenge. You should do more portrait. Happy New Year

  5. Great job on the portrait, Irina. He looks very dignified!

  6. You did a good job! He looks very dapper. Love the blue background...sets off the figure.

  7. Oh this is a powerful portrait Irina. The way all the individual strokes contribute to the whole is most effective - great color.

  8. Great job on this! I had the exact same feelings when I received my photo to paint! And I also waited until the very last 2 days...I seem to need that extra 'panicky feeling' to get going sometimes! Hopefully, that gets better over time.


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