December 24, 2009

Still life

Well, it is difficult thing to write something clever (or just to write something) about your painting. And usually I keep the post as it is, shortest comment or no comment at all. I did the same today. Then went to my favorite part - googlereading of the posts of my lovely bloggers and found this comment at Tommy Kane blog, agreed completely, laughing.
Well, from now I will try to be a real blogger, writing - inventing text. So:
I was sitting and waiting for my brother to take me to see one of the greatest Georgian churches (and I will sketch it later), had nothing to do for an hour. Suddenly realized how I could spend this hour. First draw still life, then eat still life. The dark red stick is Georgian sweets, churchela, walnuts on thread covered with grape juice mixed with sugar and wheat.
I am not sure about correct blogging, looks like I get culinary blog here :-)
Merry Christmas to all my readers and to so many talented bloggers all over the internet.


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