January 26, 2010

Dzhvari, Georgia

I want to share my photos of Georgia, where I was this December.  This country has fantastic nature, long lasting history and difficult economic situation.
This photo was taken in Dzhvari monastery (means "Cross" in Georgian), these ruins dated V century and the bells belong to church (photo below). The tree in the middle is the "Tree of Desire", where you can leave your secret wish, investing it in small piece of colorful fabric, tied to the tree.

The church itself. It was build in VI century and located on top of the mountain, so the great view is knocking out. I saw underneath the meet of two biggest Georgian rivers Mtkvari and Aragvi, and the view was breathtaking. And the air is so clean and thick, you can eat it with a spoon, we say in Russia.

It was a foggy day, which added extra mystery and grandeur to the place.


  1. wow, looks like an amazing trip! the river pic with the mountains and fog is amazing--a perfect place to paint!

  2. Thank you for posting these photos. I was feeling OLD lately - now I feel like a new born baby! :-) Do you think that you or uncle Jemal would mind if a pitiful painter from Arkansas, USA used some of these photos as inspiration to make a painting or two?

    I hope all is well with you today. Tomorrow will be better, probably. You can quote me on that! :-)

    Ken B.

  3. Michelleo, yes the place is unforgettable.
    Ken, I will be so glad if anything here or in Jemal's blog will inspire you for painting. We will be honoured. Besides, you can find some inspiration in my Moscow daily photo blog ( www.moscowdailyshot.blogspot.com ) - I joined it about 4 month ago and new world of photographers and their cities opened to me at CityDailyPhoto.com, very inspirational place. Of course for me it is not as strong addiction as painting, but very interesting.
    It is hard when I realise I do things which I do not have to do anymore: watch the floor to avoid paws and tail, go to pet shop for food, check the corner where his toilet was. Time, I just need time, thank you sooo much!


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