January 29, 2010

Human Photography

I did not have time to paint these days, unfortunately. I did only one painting project, but will be able to show it only in the middle of February.
And I do not want the post about my poor cat to be in the top, it is too depressing...

So I decided to post a photo. Very in tune with my painter's journal :-))

The author of this photo is my Georgian uncle Jemal and this is his blog. He is professional in photography and kindest person with huge soul. His focus is Georgia and Georgians. And he does not speak English, know nothing about internet and blogging.

So, during my last visit I collected 100Gb of his photos and decided I have to post these photo-stories. Please visit his blog. Maybe I am too dedicated and subjective, but I am sure you will enjoy.


  1. The fellow on the left could be me! That's how I usually look when it's time to do yard work. Or any work, for that matter. What does the sign say?

    We're having some bad cold weather ice then snow over that. I can't get to my studio - yet.

    Warm regards,
    Ken B.

  2. Ken, Jemal's photos are often full of humour. The sign means "For sell". I like the three figures at the painting, they are having party and maybe the seller joined them, after he painted them, which explains his sleep. But more possible cause of his sleep is slow business, as painting is far from perfect, which is very clear to me :-))
    I wish you to get to the studio asap, painting is such a pleasure time being, forgetting the result and enjoying the process. And practise. And be proud of your paintings, they are the part of your soul.


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