January 23, 2010

Iron iron?

A3, Charcoal
Today I went to the drawing teacher and this is the result. I had to draw old times type iron (cast-iron?) at very difficult angle. Still not sure that it turned out right. But teacher confirmed that it was OK. "Do not believe your eyes, believe to the measures of the pencil stick", she told me. Would you recognise it, if I did not write the name of the object? :-))


  1. Your teacher will have proposed a very good exercise. Sometimes we do not draw what we see. We don´t believe our eyes.

  2. I think that I would have recognized your "iron" iron! Believe it or not, my mother had to use one very similar when I was very young - we lived in a place with easy-to-break electrical fuses. Her electric iron would break the fuse for that circuit.

    ANYWAY _ _ _ good drawing. There aren't reaasonably priced classes in my area that I can find. So I use books, but they can't answer a question or suggest a solution!

    Good job as usual.

    Ken B.

  3. NoNo, thank you!
    Ken, this sample is from 18th century, I think. No electricity, they put hot coals inside and went ahead.
    Practice is the main teacher. As a really good teacher is hard to find. I have a lesson once in a week, one girl teachers drawing, another - painting. And only one of them is really good.


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