January 6, 2010

Prescott, Arizona

200x400mm, Daler Rowney Aquafine, 300gr
When I joined the Moscow Daily Photo blog about two month ago I did not realise I will be so interested. In two ways. To  popularize my lovely city (and I became hooked by the idea, bought new camera, study city history, etc). And to see everyday reports of normal people from around the world, become friends with that people, enjoy their talent and creativity.
But painting is not forgotten.
This quick sketch is inspired by Jarart's Prescott Daily Photo, my hands started looking for brush, when I saw this watercolorly photo.
In Russia they say the painting from photo is rubbish . I do not care. Photo awakes my creativity. Viva la photo!


  1. Oh, Irina! I'm so pleased that my photo inspired this beautiful painting! I love it! I have to tell everyone to come here and see it.
    Thank You, thank you!
    Judy (Jarart)

  2. Irina, this is just beautiful! Judy, of Prescott Area Daily Photo is my sister and she just sent me a note to tell me you did this. I have the Phoenix Daily Photo site and I always go to your site to see what you have posted.

    You are a truly talented artist!

  3. Hey Irina,
    What's funny is that I'm on vacation right now in Arizona. I'm not that far from Prescott! LOL! Nothing wrong with painting painting from photos.... I do it all the time. Your new piece is just lovely!

  4. Thank you so much!
    Judy, Sharon, great to know you are sisters! And I became so relaxed when got your reaction, very pleasing to me.
    Manon, coinсidenсes happen all the time in my life, I do not surprised anymore, pleased only.

  5. Irina, painting from photos is only one of many ways to learn. Keep on doing what works for you. I'm so pleased that you visited my blog.
    I enjoyed your photo blog, too.


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