January 31, 2010

St.Nicolas Church at Ordinka, Moscow

A5, pencil, sepia ink-pen
I was sitting in my car and sketching this church for an hour. The result is very sketchy, but I will return to the place to add more details for sure. I am very inattentive to the details. And only when I started this sketch I realised how complex and beautiful this building is. How many details, ornaments and faces are added by the architect to the decoration of this beautiful church. This is the photo from my point of drawing.


  1. HI Irina. From one who doesn't sketch or draw, I'd say that your sketch has sufficient "details".

    I like it "as is". :-)

    Warm regards,

    Ken B.

  2. Ken, I like it very much too :-)) but as well brought up person, I can not say the truth:-))) In my drawing experience it is 4,5 (from 0 to 5). have you received my letter?


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