January 24, 2010

Vive les couleurs!

Another protest against whites and greys of long Moscow winter. If I go on this way, I can survive the never-ending cold:-)). Color-therapy.


  1. Hi Irina. Really beautiful painting of the flower with butterfly! I can relate (somewhat) with the lack of sunshine - bah! The cold is hard for me but I seem to be able to get warm. When it's hot I have a hard time being comfortable. Looking at your painting gives me urges to practice with my watercolors or acrylics.

    Happy painting. I hope that your "beautiful friend" is doing as well as possible. I'm thinking of you both - wishing good things.

    Ken B.

  2. Love the colors you've been using Irina!! Bold colors are so much fun!!

  3. Ken, thank you! I agree, do not know what is worse, cold or midsummer unbearable hot.
    My little friend has only few days left. Thank you so much.
    Manon, I agree completely!


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