January 17, 2010

Winter theme

I completely forgot my watercolor manuals lately. Well, it is no joy to follow the instructions, instead of when you can invent something on your own, no caring about the result.
But these lessons give me a lot in color choice and mixing, in light and shadow, in all the details which can easily differ amateur painting from work of professional. Technique. I am not talking about talent, another story :-). And, if I started, I have to finish the book, have to.
Yesterday I decided to return to my step-by-step study. Here is the result. Geoff Kersey's  idea, my  execution.
Learned: 1. Far "naples yellow" sky turns to close "ultram_blu" sky to get depth.
2. Need to hold brush parallel to paper to get best dry strokes.
3. Mix of ultam_blu, cob_blue and burnt_sienna gives nicest grey (lesson repeated). I added also sepia. Better result when colors mixed wet in wet on paper, not on the palette.

I recommend for amateurs:


  1. This is a beautiful painting Irina. The book seems to give you many good ideas - there is always so much to learn! But what fun.

  2. How beautiful scene. It inspires quiteness.
    I'll take note of the book, thank you!

  3. Gary, I agree completely. learning is a pleasure in its own.
    Silvia, glad that you comment, thank you!

  4. Great painting. You definitely have talent.

  5. Wonderful landscape Irina. I like it. Ciao, Tito.

  6. Ciao, Tito! And thank you very much.


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