February 22, 2010

24 Pages More Experienced

My first sketchbook-ever finished! 24 pages of my watercolor studies sketchbook are carefully folded in the plastic file and stored for my descendants :-))

These two small sketches are the last ones. Done in the evening, quickly, trying to keep them loose. The light was weak. The brush was thick. And  I was so happy doing painting exercise. My watercolor teacher could  be terrified by my technique and color choice :-))


  1. Your watercolor teacher will like these sketches! I like your color choices very much - especially the buildings near the water. NOT boring! :-)

    I need to sketch more. Any sketching I would do is more than I'm doing now (NONE).

    Ken B.

  2. Ken, these houses near the water is my tribute to the beautiful Trondheim city in beautiful Norway. The Trondheimians would be terrified for sure :-))

  3. Hi Irina. Thanks for commenting on my blog; I hope you will try the 20-minute challenge soon. I wanted to congratulate you on finishing your sketchbook--I've never accomplished that!
    I love these two paintings--one so colorful, one nearly monochromatic, yet both full of light!


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