February 25, 2010

EDM # 6 Childhood Toy

I bought this frog in Prague. There was a shop full of wooden toys, the wooden smell in the shop was charming and I was trying to control the urge to buy every possible toy, so well designed and decorated. This lady had also a metal spring (fixed to her head), so she could fly in the air in front of the baby's crib or when she had mood to fly. I removed the spring, no more flights. Metal hook in the middle of her head left as a memory... Now she has fun changing her sitting places when I turn my back aside. You see: the condition of her lipstick is very suspicious. Does she have a boy-friend now?!
Oh, she is not only painted, but also photographed. Lady-popularity :-)).

I returned to the huge list of "What to draw" from Every Day Matters amazing website(Link). This is EDM # 6 - Draw a childhood toy.  Such a pleasure!

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