February 13, 2010

It Is Not Mine

It is not mine. I mean, it is my hand and my watercolors, and my brushes. But I do not recognise the result. It is my teachers'. My heart is cold when I look at it. I do not see watercolor transparency. It is oil effects all over the place. And the colors are too intensive for my feeling of the color. And the edges are too sharp for my feeling of shape.
And here the questions arrive. Should I find another teacher?  Or is it normal in learning, when you do as if you are a hand of the teacher? Or maybe I am too old and stubborn to learn?  And how to keep my individual style (let's  assume I have some:-)) and opinion while the authority of my teacher will grow?
I will keep going. I will try to work in my line, taking bits of teachers' one.
But this sketch is still not mine :-))


  1. Sometimes the student grows beyond the teacher so the teacher has no more to give the student. Then it is probably time for the student to find another teacher or strike out on her own.

    In this particular instance, methinks the student should attempt this again allowing her heart and soul to flow through the brushes ... taking what she needs from the teacher, but no more!

  2. I think style is something that comes from practice. Like writing. It would be nice you to do a second painting at home, more free, with less time. Of course, if you find a teacher who comes closer to your spirit, you must change.

  3. Jacob, thank you. I do not doubt that she knows much more then me, she is professional. You help me to decide that I would stay with her for a while to see how it will go on.
    NoNo, this is great idea. I will do in again, from memory!

  4. This I like, and I just stopped and had to take a closer look! Very nice!!


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