February 16, 2010

Karin Jurick

I made this portrait in the middle of January to show my gratitude and thankfulness to the wonderful woman and talented artist, Karin Jurick
The story behind the portrait started in December 2009, when Karin announced her next challenge at Different Strokes from Different Folks site. She united the participants in pairs and we painted the portraits of each other. About 180 artists participated. And it was great pleasure and great time. 
We were so grateful to Karin. And Jill Polsby, one of the participants helped us to express our respect and thankfulness. Jill sent us Karin's photo and we painted 118 portraits secretly, to surprise Karin. It was kept as a secret till yesterday.
Due to Karin blog, DSFDF, I first time stepped out of my comfort zone, I participated in the challenge without fear to be compared to professionals, I painted the stuff which I was proud of, I enjoyed the logic and sense of her site work.
Thank you, Karin!


  1. It shows a very individual style and is really lovely.

  2. I wish I could see the whole lot. Wow. What a nice project it is. This portrait is well done and captures a particular person in ways you alone saw. I think it is neat. My son, Chris, now 52, lives in Florida and is a much better artist than me but more commercial than I was. He is a leader in a company of artists. Anyway, he could sit down and somebody tell him to draw an alligator and he would whip out some markers and in seconds have an alligator ready to bite a chunk out of your arm.

    I was never like that. I would have to gather pictures and read about alligators and then make sketch after sketch until I got something that I liked and then I would draw it.

    It was a life.


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