February 25, 2010

Oh How I Love the Awards!

Oh how I love the awards!
The kindest Christiane Kingsley awarded me with this beautiful flower, Sunshine award, to add sun and flowers to never-ending winter in Moscow. Christiane, thank you so much!
I have to pass it further to 12 friends-bloggers. Glad to use the opportunity and to mention once again my admiration to the talents of these people, talented artists and photographers (as I am now very much interested in photo posting, my MoscowDailyPhoto blog is here):
1. Jo
2. Ken Barclay
3. Jean Lurssen
4. Mr. Abraham Lincoln
5. Mo
6. Manon Doyle
7. Tommy Kane
8. Noemi Gonzalez
9. Eleonora Baldwin
10. Stephen Gardner
11. Carmen Jimenez
12. Gringo Zero
13. Jala Pfaff
14. Masmoulin
15. Teresa Palomar Lois
16. Jane Minter
Well, I need to stop now, there are a lot more then 12 people I would like to mention here...
My dear awarded friends, please pass it further to 12 more people so we will get a field of flowers! No problem if your busy work schedule will not allow you to do it :-))


  1. Irina, I am touched by your generosity. Thank you kindly for this lovely award.

    I hope you won't mind if I don't pass this on nor post it to my sidebar. I keep all my awards jealously stowed away in a secret folder and I am the only privileged person who gets to proudly see them.
    Thank you so much, Irina. I really appreciate it!

    PS: I am an optimist too!

  2. Thank you so much Irina, I'm both delighted and honored that you thought of me for the award, hugs!

  3. Irina, thank you very much!, I feel very honored by mention in your blog. Receiving this award from a very sensitive person and a great artist as you are, is something that fills me with emotion. Not only for receiving from you this lovely sunflower, but even more for thinking of me. You are a friend.

    Pick up sunflower and I gladly took it to my blog. Thanks again!
    Receive a warm greeting

  4. Thank you so much! I feel the same way about you and your talents!

  5. Большое спасибо Ирине
    Merci beaucoup irina
    Thank you very much Irina

  6. I feel very honored with this award, because they are friendly prizes and they are prizes for the links that we create through art. Thanks to the internet we connect and meet people like you, irina and many friends that I see above. Hugs!
    ; )

  7. i'm very happy to award you irina with a Sunshine Award :).... you can to see the list of the other recipients on my blog.

    thankyou once again



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