February 12, 2010

Olympic Games

It looks like I am completely hooked by blogging. All the day I feel sorry that my blog is frozen and forgotten, as I do not have time to paint, means to post. Even more I am sorry I can not paint (too busy in the office), but it's another story. At the same time I go on posting Moscow and Georgian photos, which is OK but not enough.
I decided to celebrate the Olympics opening by this post.  Photo taken here. Shamony, France, 1924, First Olympic Games.


  1. Great photo from The Games - when it still was proper games. These ladies must have had a great time! Maybe the best time of their lives?

  2. Great photo! I lived in British Columbia when I was young so it's fun to see them host the Winter Olympics!!

  3. I fell in love with this photo from first sight. I am glad you like it too :-).

  4. I loved your blog... I'll be here more times...
    Kisses from Brazil!


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