February 6, 2010

The Path

The main challenge here for me is to show the  going away path on a small, 10x15 cm ( 4"x6") piece of paper, to follow the perspective rules in color and shape in such a small format. I like the result, though I had to add some white gouache on path stones to brighten them a little.


  1. Hi Irina, and where does the path take you? :-) Well done! 4x6 appears (to me) to be difficult with ANY medium. I don't do well with small paintings - I need some room!

    I received your email - happy that your internet connection is working once more.

    Ken B.

  2. Hi Ken, when I started painting 12x16 was by fav. paper size. And I looked at the walls sizes of my flat, very interested... Somehow I feel comfort with "4x6" size now, 1,5 years later :-)

  3. The path looks great!! Love the stones!


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