February 4, 2010

Water Lily

How do we choose the theme/object for painting?  What  guides us, when we collect model photo, arrange still life of special colors, shapes and composition, find the landscape scene which touches our heart?  Especially when we paint for pleasure, without purpose to sell or impress the viewer.

No inner secrets can be hidden from the eyes of the attentive observer, who knows the bits of psychology and feels the colors and input of the painter by heart. You prefer loose or hard strokes; ignore the pencil outlines or follow them precisely; direct colors or intuitive color mixes; color spectrum; themes: sky, sea, people, self portraits, flowers; we can read our paintings as the diaries of our lives.

I am not writing about  masterpieces, the power and talent of Da Vinci, Velazquez, Turner knock down and clean us by simple looking at them, and this art is different story.

Mostly no words explanation is needed to see the nature, mood and likings of the author. 
Why I think about it now? I look at my naive lily and - here I am with my only flower on blue-green background, because of my yesterday feeling of loneliness, cold and blue, a bit kept away and forgotten, knowing the frames and borders, controlling the scene of my life.

Optimistic part - this is my yesterday. New day changed feelings, colors and painting preferences.


  1. WOW! What a wonderful picture to see when I "opened" the door to your blog! Good job rendering the water lilies. I tried lily pads once & they looked like green ovals, not leaves of a plant. :-(

    Your thought-provoking narrative seems melancholy. I hope not too much. Keep drawing & painting - it works for me when I'm "blue". :-)

    Ken B.

  2. I don`t know anything about painting, but this is beautiful!

  3. Gry, it is you here, my dear friend! I am so glad to see you here and to get the comment like that from you, my dear artist-photographer. Thank you!

  4. Hi Irina, I stopped by to enjoy your blog and this is as far as I got today. Your words are so true. Art is about the creation and there always will be more, second chances and wonderful surprises that lead you to the next and the next. Your paintings are so special and I will be back.


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