March 2, 2010

EDM # 7

Another page from my sketchbook. 

It is next EDM task, "Draw something from your kitchen". I always want to add color to any drawing. I saw perfect examples of mixing color and ink at "Urban sketchers" and try to follow the method. This paper is good for drawing, but can not stand water, starts buckling and lose its shape. I do not care, these are quick sketches to train the hand.
The main object is this decorative glass jar with red and green peppers inside. I could not stop when I finished the jar and added few kitchen's details.


  1. This is a fantastic piece, Irina! You did a wonderful job with the glass container!!

  2. Manon, thank you! It was a joking, this sketch, I am so glad you liked it.

  3. These are wonderful sketches, Irina. This one with the peppers looks like it must have been SO fun to do.


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