March 16, 2010

Menton Daily Photoblog

I saw this wonderful photo in Menton Daily Photoblog, so rich with photo treasures. Could not stop thinking for a week how I will draw this beauty. At last!
I was drawing it when photo was turned upside down, according to the method I got from Bert Dodson's book "Keys to Drawing". Then my so active left side of the brain had to sit quite and wait what will turn out of the activity of right side of my brain :-).


  1. Hi Irina! GOOD JOB! I like your technique rendering a difficult (to me) subject so well!
    Isn't it funny how rotating a photo or looking at a painting with a mirror changes things so much? I use my camera photos to critique my paintings - for some reason a photo exposes (no pun) my paintings fault(s). :-)

    Ken B.

  2. That's pretty cool, Irina! I like that you drew it upside down. I read Avocaken's comment above and I too use my camera to find the flaws in my paintings.

  3. Hello Irina, I come from Jilly's blog, Menton Daily Photo and your drawing looks fabulous to me, whatever side of your brain realises it ! The House among Palm trees, it finds again in your drawing, all its past magnificence !

  4. Like Catherine I arrived here thanks to a link on Jilly's blog. Congratulations on your drawing, it's fantastic ! I was amazed to hear that you turned the photo upside down so I followed the link to Bert Dodson's, thanks for that.
    (is it about turning a photo upside down or looking at it in a mirror as Avocaken suggests ?)

    Congratulations on your work.

  5. Irina, you have so many talents. I loved Jilly's photograph and this is a wonderful interpretation of it.

  6. Hello Irina,

    I come from Jilly's blog, Menton Daily Photo, I fell in love with Villa Mer et Monts instantly when I saw Jilly's photo, You captured it beautifully. A beautiful painting of a beautiful villa.

    It is an amazing place, if I had a large pot of money I would buy it and turn it into an artist haven for writers, artists, and well anyone who appreciated it.


  7. Congratulations! It is very beautiful!

  8. Ken, it is great technique to turn the photo. This way you stop to see windows, roofs, trees, you see only lines, squares, circles and it helps a lot.

    Manon, I have never tried it with mirror, thank you for the advice.

    Catherine, thank you, I so much appreciate your opinion!

    Natalie, thank you! I never tried a mirror, but my method helps a lot, as I stop seeing objects, only the abstract geometry.

    Brattcat, thank you!

    Joanny, great dream you have!

    Nadege, Gry, thank you so much!

  9. I, too, arrived from Jilly's blog. You are a very talented woman and highly creative as well. It's a pleasure seeing your rendition of the photo.


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