March 16, 2010

Mixing Business with Pleasure

I decided to mix  EDM#10 "Draw your hand or hands" (business) with small yoga exercise (pleasure). As I need to hold hand still for time being, why can't I make a mudra, to allow the energy to flow in right direction?

Gian Mudra (Mudra of knowledge):
Removes emotional tension, anxiety, restlessness, melancholy, grief, sadness and depression. Hide insomnia or excessive sleepiness, high blood pressure. Mudra activates the memory, focusing potential.
Implementation: finger easily connects to the pad of the thumb. The remaining three fingers straightened without tension and divided.
I am not sure about the name of this mudra.
Some effects:
- Cleanses the body of toxins;
- Stimulates all the processes of purification and selection;
- Help from hemorrhoids and constipation.

The mudras become effective when practising three times a day, 15 min a time.


  1. In my paintings hands and feet ALWAYS make trouble for me. I struggle with faces - eyes & mouth) but hands! aarrgh Your excellent drawings make me jealous; maybe I could improve if I practiced? :-)

    Talk to you later!
    Ken B.

  2. Excellent post, art plus relaxation!


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