March 6, 2010

Pot and Onion

My drawing/painting teacher told me today that when she had studied in the art college they did different sets of still-lifes for 3 years non stop. That could make a great painter of me or kill my hunger to draw and paint forever :-)).
I did this still life for 3 full sessions (total of 9 hours, lovely tea breaks included) and I was full. I asked the teacher to leave my drawing as it was and to start new project. My problem was (and is)  I could not put all this small strokes (parallel with equal pressure) any more...  So the pot and onion turned just fine. The folded cloth behind is jammed and looks like a loaf :-)))
Final: I like it very much and it is the result of really hard work.


  1. LOL. :) I can relate to that! My Instructor had me draw & sketch for over a year before allowing me to pick up a paint brush! Now I'm grateful! :)

    Even though I did paint at home lol.

    Nice sketch! Look forward to seeing more of your work!

    Best wishes!


  2. Dana, thank you! My teacher is not that cruel. We meet once in a week, alternating drawing and painting. But nobody told me that one drawing can take 3 sessions :-))

  3. this is a great pencil sketch, Irina.
    I too, would get very bored with the same set up for 3 years. You are funny.

  4. hi irina pot and onion are wonderful ... sounds like you have a good teacher

  5. The onion and the pot sketch is very nice Irina! The forms show really well. Well done!

  6. Thank you Mary, Jane, Jared. I am honoured to get your opinion!


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