March 13, 2010

Potted Flowers

I am busy in the office. I do not have time to call my friends to say "Hi", let alone to draw. Three or four days later I realise I NEED to take the brush, without any special preparation, study of colours and composition. Just to take brush, wet it, load with paint and put on paper. Just to feel the easiness of line and energy of colour. Only for fifteen minutes. And then return to everyday race. Do you recognize the feeling?
The sketch is the result of this need to paint. First stroke - flowers in the middle, pot. Then flowers to the right. And cactus on the right to finish this short pleasure. Colours sing in different voices, composition... (where did I take this word???). But I feel so good and ready for next days of routine.


  1. Hooray you;re painting is really good. I especially like how you used the colors and where you put them. Too much working and not enough playing will make you ill! My daughters don't believe that either, by the way! :-)

    Make more art and less stress
    Ken B.

  2. Yes Irina I recognize the feeling. That`s why is photograph - to relax.

    Your comment in my blog is very funny! The picture is like an octopus - and it has crossed my mind.

  3. glad you made time's lovely irina

  4. irina,
    went through your blog...
    i like your pictures...

  5. Ken, thank you!
    Gry, thank you, your evry post is such a work of art!
    Jane, thank you for stopping and for your kind comment.
    Jyothisethu, thank you!


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