March 21, 2010


40x60cm (16"x24"), Sepia

Wow. 49 followers. I have started my blog a year ago and got the first follower three months later. Made me happy and confused.  The purpose of the blog was the exposition of my progress in drawing/painting. I thought - It is OK, nobody's interested. I know that my works are hanging at the wall in some virtual reality and it completely feeds my wish to be popular or famous. No responsibility and the knowledge that sometime someone can see my sketches occasionally.

A year passed.

I am completely absorbed in blogging. I met the most welcoming and talented people of the world. And I hope we are friends now (not Facebook type of friends, but friends for real :-))) And my "Blogs I follow" list is endless.  I joined Moscow Photoblog and I try to promote Georgia Photoblog (please visit, it is a treasure!). And few times the idea came to me: maybe (just maybe) I really do drawing/painting well???!!
That all happened to me only because of your support and attention. Thank you so much!
And now I feel growing responsibility: I need to improve my technique, I need to be interesting, for my so much respected 49 followers. I will try to do my best. Promise.
And now let's dance. I remoned youtube link, it caused errors.


  1. I, too, am enjoying blogging. Our one year anniversary was January 2nd. The Georgia photoblog is amazing and delightful to follow. I don't really know what it means to "follow" a blog but I do visit your blog!
    Best of luck.


  2. Hi Irina! Happy blog anniversary! A year of blogging, your blog(s) and your art are enjoyed by MANY. Congratulations!

    Your new piece (above) is a good example why we come to visit!

    Happy blogging!
    Ken B.

  3. Irina! I forgot (DUH!) to mention that I LIKE your new blog look!

    Ken B.

  4. Excellent sketch Irina and it's my pleasure to complete the 50 on your list.

  5. Hi Irina, congratulations for your first year in this blog!
    I enjoy very much seeing your progress and dedication.
    Although I have not much time, I also enjoy blogging and painting.
    Good post this!, I like your sketch and this song as well.
    And have a nice spring, I know you were waiting for her anxiously (I read your Moscow daily foto, your post of 16th march “anybody waiting for spring?)… me!.
    I promise you to visit Georgia Photoblog as well.

  6. Why will not interest your work with as much charm as yours?. Surely you'll be famous, for your painting or your wonderful photos, or both. I love your sense of humor. The watercolor is beautiful and it shows that you make good classes, is to note. Congratulations!

  7. Hi Jan, thank you. Following is exactly what you promise to do with my blog :-))
    Ken, thank you! You are my best friend!
    Thank you, Sadia! You round numbered my blog (I hope English will survive my language experiments).
    Silvia, it is so important to know that there is persons who really interested! Thank you!
    Carmen you always so very kind!


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