March 8, 2010

The Spring?

Pam Van Londen, Artist and Graphics Designer  (her website) has sent me the letter inviting to participate in new on line challenge. Once in a month she posts a photo to be model for us, participants and all mediums and sized are welcomed.
I wanted to do it with pastel. The photo shows the first signs of the spring and I wanted to try to show them right. I went far away from the model photo in the process of drawing and I like the result.


  1. Irina, the colors in this painting are so beautiful and easily convey the feelings we associate with the first signs of spring. Well done.

  2. Christiane, thank you. Professional eye is priceless.

  3. hi irina
    how you are doing...
    actually, i am not so good in painting review.. but despite that i can feel your painting and say simply "Wow wonderful.."
    best wishes for your participation in the new online challenge..
    regards from gmr14..

  4. I haven't decided if I'll participate in the "reflections" challenge. I'm "busy" making ready for an art show in April and another in May. I need five paintings that haven't been "shown" before and I can't remember which are "new" and which have not been shown. AAAAAAHHHHHHH! I suppose keeping records would help? Maybe? DUH!

    Keep painting! You inspire me to do better work in my paintings.

    Ken B.


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