March 30, 2010

The Study

After this bombing in Moscow it felt so good to sit peacefully and paint a lesson from a book.
Life is so great.


  1. Wow, Irina! I'm glad you're okay. That was awful. Your painting is so serene. I bet there are a lot of people in your area that would benefit from seeing it.

  2. Hi Irina! I'm really happy that you were able to make a painting that is so gentle and peaceful. Your work is getting better by leaps and bounds! If only my "stuff" would improve. I seem to advance one step in a painting then the next two or three paintings are pretty sad looking. ;-(

    I've been looking at Jilly's Menton Daily Photos, thanks to you. Jilly is a wonderful lady AND a wonderful photographer - as are YOU!

    Talk to you later,
    Ken B.

  3. You are really mastering the use of color in your paintings. I really like this one. Very peaceful.

  4. Julie, thank you! Well, I am not ready to show my works to strangers in person, feel very shy, maybe some time later. Internet looks more safe :-)))
    Cabap, thank you!
    Ken, I see that you improve very new painting, for sure. And thank you for your comments.
    Jean, feels so good to get your reaction.

  5. Very vivid reflection, a wonderfully light spring scene. Good work. Thanks for reading my blog.
    Happy Easter to you.



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