April 10, 2010

Catholic Church Sketched

This is a Catholic Church at Malaya Gruzinskaya in Moscow. Very beautiful building and so richly decorated. Sometimes I attend organ concerts there, real pleasure for the eyes and ears.
Yesterday was a sunny warm evening, I drove past the building and thought, Why not to try to sketch it? I have an hour, and if I find a convenient parking, I will be able to draw without leaving the car.
Everything went as I wanted, I've got excellent view and started. Sketching turned out to be very difficult. Complex (for me) perspective, a great number of details that I had no idea how to sketch. This was supposed to be a work not for an hour, but on the whole day :-)).
But I'm happy with how it turned out. After weeks (or more?) without training, my wooden fingers slowly remembered how to hold a pencil. I draw in pencil, added ink outlines at home. Very quick sketch, very little detail. But the experience was excellent.
I enclose a photograph of the church, which I did yesterday, when sketching. So beautiful!


  1. I love how it turned out. Your drawing, with its ability to pick and choose, shows the beauty of the building much better than the photograph does. Pam (www.downeydailyphotos.com)

  2. Hi Irina !! This is a beautiful shot !! I loved this post !

  3. hello irina ...wonderful sketch .


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