April 25, 2010

Computer is Broken, Life is Going On

Yesterday evening I was planing to celebrate the 1000th post in Moscow Daily Photo blog (here) (started three years ago by Irina who now lives in New Zealand) where we teamblogging with Ashira, American girl in Moscow.
But. My computer had another plans: "Enough, I have served you faithfully, never been sick and did not summed you, so give me some rest." And now the maсhine is resting. Good, I have also the laptop and can print this post. Tomorrow morning I will take my true (and heavy!) friend to the doctor. Symptoms? The programmes are all there, but it refuses to find my data. We'll see what the doctor is planning.

Meanwhile I had a fantastic sunny morning and found some free time to come to my little balcony and to draw these wonderful flowers, which I have recently planted, my annual toast to the glory of the spring, sunshine and warm days.
How should I tag it? Plein air? Or still life?


  1. Nice balcony, I like these flowers!
    I think its “Plein air”, flowers are alive, growing and so.
    Good luck with the doctor :)

  2. Oh my goodness. The beautiful lady also paints beautiful pictures. I appreciate that very much as I spent most of my life painting.

  3. Silvia, thank you! As ususal, I think the flowers are far from perfect. But the pleasure of painting process overwins it all.
    Abe, you are a so very nice man! Be healthy!

  4. irina this is v good and fresh
    hope they manage to fix your computer thought ...thankyou for link below


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