April 25, 2010

Russian Watercolourists on Internet

My very good friend Pierre has the  blog  Aquarelle, couleurs, papier, pinceaux_masmoulin s'est jete a l'eau . He is very active and interested and hosts a huge number of useful and interesting information about art, its history, key players, interesting events, people, paintings, everything, which covers so great and endless topic. Please visit his blog, you will stay there for hours.

Recently, on April 22 to be precise, Pierre posted the detailed linked information about Russian watercolourists. I helped him a little to find the information. I am very grateful to Pierre for the information, educational work and attention to Russia.

I am very pleased that thanks to Pierre and his blog Russian artists are known widely. They are very talented, but unfortunately there is very little information on the Internet, or information is, but only in Russian.

Pierre, thank you very much for your interest and your efforts!

1 comment:

  1. Irina
    A big thank you. You're too nice. But you know all this is my passion. The research I would do anyway. The most is that like you, I love to share. And more I have a trace


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