April 27, 2010

Today in the Park

The style of my new job provides two-three hours intervals of free time, when I am not obliged to sit in the office, but free to do what ever I want. The job I always dreamed of (if the job is a good reason for dreaming at all:-)))
That is why I am always equipped with my sketchbook and camera.

I did this piece today, in the park. And I enclose the photo of the place also. I wanted to add color at home, as usual. But now I doubt if I do the coloring at all. (UPDATED: I watercolored it today and the result feels good).
The interesting point that my plein-air view of the place completely differs from the reality. If I did this piece from photo it would be so very precise. But now I have a photo and I have a sketch. And nobody can guess that the same place is shown :-)).


  1. Hi Irina !! This is a beautiful painting !! Great work done !!Also please visit my New Blog About Paranormal Studies of India.Click on the Link to view it Unseen Rajasthan Paranormal

  2. Irina, I think that in your sketch you have catched the essentials, so it is clearly the same place of your photo. Nice subject for a watercolor!
    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! Ciao!!

  3. The place is beautiful! Magnificent idea, the sketch and the photograph, I wonder how it could look mixing both.

  4. The photo is very idyllic and beautiful...and I love the sketch...you caught it all so wonderfully.

  5. Gorgeous sketch! I would love to go for a stroll across that bridge sometime. The photo is pretty too, but the sketch seems antique and romantic.

  6. Tito, thank you!
    Carraol, with your camera and your head it could look fantastic :-).
    LA, thank you! you are very kind!
    Lizziviggi, your comment is great.


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