April 10, 2010

White Pot and Aperture

A3, 30x40cm

The result of my latest watercolor class.
To be remembered: day light means cold color on objects and warm shadows.

A friend of mine is a professional photographer. We discussed today the aperture and how it affected the photo image. 
I can proudly announce that this photo was done by me with understanding of aperture and blur effects all around this wonderful "the spring is here!" proof. Hopefully, I will not forget this photo lesson untill my next outdoor shooting:-)) 


  1. Hi Irina. Good job on both the painting and the photo! I've not had any painting classes - I have read books and looked at other peoples' art so the information about daylight being cold or cool is opposite of what I would have thought! :-) Cool colors, warm shadows!

    My camera will display the aperture but have no idea how it's changed! :-) I'm happy that it focuses - automatically! But, I DID know that aperture affected focus in a photo. That's all that I know about that stuff.

    Ken B.

  2. Fantastic and beautiful !! Simply amazing !! You are a great artist !!

  3. Great job, Irina!! The painting is awesome and I think the photo of it is really wonderful.

  4. Gry, thank you to the master photographer!
    Ken, classes are great, my plan is to learn as much as I can, then forget it and start drawing what I want ;-))
    As for aperture, I am hopeless, but with Moscow blog, I need to correspond to my photobloggers- friends.
    Thank you to lovely India!
    Manon, thank you!

  5. Irina, your "White pot" and "Aperture" are both really well done! I know very well how difficult is to learn painting. I started in 2004 and now after 6 years I'm still taking lessons of watercolors. You know....we always want to improve!! Best regards! Tito.

  6. Lovely watercolor!...the cloth is so glad. The composition is very attractive. Congratulations, and so for the photo too, very nice!

    Happy spring to you

  7. Tito, painting is such a pleasure in itself, that I am ready to study my whole life just to have the opportunity to enjoy the process. But if I need 6 years to do it like you do, then I am ready to be patient!
    Carmen, thank you so much! And happy spring to you too.


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