April 7, 2010

Windows to the Words

Oil pastel, A3 (30x40cm=12"x15,5"), craft paper

I did Windows to the Words new challenge today. I painted the flowers. Finally I have got a day off to paint, to cleaning the apartment, and just to do nothing. I missed my blog so much these days.

What to say about the flowers? Sketch with yellow flowers: I used a thinner, cheap and awfully smelly, but giving such interesting effects of my favorite oil pastels.
Red flowers - I chose the bronze stick for the background, for long it was left, forgotten and unappreciated, in a box. It adds glamour to my flowers. Sort of. 
Lily. Or Magnolia? In the original, a gentle beige flower turned into a lily here. Same happened to the blue flower, going far from the original photo. So what? This is the eye of the artist. Sort of. :-))

When I undertook to Moscow Daily Photo blog, I was inspired by the love to my native city. I did not think about  my photo skills which were close to zero.
Now it is time to learn the basics. Aperture. Exposure. Focus. Time to add meaning to these challenging words. 
This picture was taken today without my participation. Camera (my favorite Canon G10) made all the decisions by itself, paying no attention to my chaotic pressings of its buttons. The clear centre and blurred edges. Dream fulfilled. 


  1. Hi Irinia. You do more in your days off than I do all week! :-) And the blurred edges thing with your camera - I'll lend you mine and it won't focus at all! ha ha ha

    I'm glad to see that you're making art - and so well! I have some oil pastels but they're safely stored in their box.

    Don't work too hard on your day off! Go have fun!

    Ken B.

  2. It's a beautiful composition!. I like your flowers and the colors you used.

  3. Gorgeous flowers, Irina!!
    Don't worry about your photo skills... I'm in the same boat as you. I just keep taking them anyway.

  4. Delightful, Irina. I am so happy to have you join Windows to the Words Challenge with your charming artwork... which is posted and linked on WTTW Art. The wonder of the Internet (worldwide web). It may not have made the world smaller, but it did make it closer. And, Irina, go back to WTTW home page and reread my notes on challenges. You, me, and everyone else will always have others who are more talented or less talented. Don't let that distract you.. you just go on and have fun painting!!! Personally, I think your art is grand, and I thank you for participating.

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  6. Ken, my friend. It was only the announcement, I skipped the cleaning and concentrated on painting :-))) My camera is so good. I do my best to ruin the photo, but my G10 is ahead of me.
    I started with oil pastels. They are my favs. Watercolour is a war field, but so very interesting one.

    Silvia, thank you!

    Manon, nothing can stop us :-))

    James, I am so glad to meet new friend via internet!

    Thank you, Paul.

  7. This is so beautiful and lovely !! I am amazed by your painting skills !!


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