May 8, 2010

At Last!

Finally today I had the opportunity to paint something, after a rather vigorous and hectic week. I went to class and finished this still life, begun last Saturday. Of course, hardly anyone wants to try these grapes (yes, grapes, not an artichoke!) :-)) But here I feel freedom, which I do not have enough in the drawings, where the lines should be perfect and precise.

Yesterday we went for a walk in the Serebrany Bor (silver forest), a great park in Moscow, with lakes and pine trees. This picture was shot there. Suddenly we came upon a group of naked men, who calmly showed us there bodies, sunbathing. Whether they were nudists, or exhibitionists, or all together, I do not know. But only men without women. We realized that we wandered into the wrong place and quietly withdrew. No photos taken.


  1. I like your still life very much! Grapes (in my opinion) are as difficult as painting a necklace of beads or pearls! Grapes are even more difficult because of the overlap. I avoid (or try to) doing groups of round things. :-)

    Keep up the good work!

    Ken B.

  2. great job my friend,
    jan :)

  3. Ken, thank you! I have just put a note to my mental note-book to study the grapes drawing. Need to buy and start. The problem is I would eat the grapes faster then draw...
    Jan, Thank you!

  4. Irina. I liked your "still life" and your pic of Serebrany Bor. I celebrate your excellent sense of humour about the grapes and naked men. No!!
    Men without women. No !! Bon appetit avec les
    raisins. Ton ami chilien.


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