May 10, 2010

To the Country

This weekend I went to my parents dacha (dachas located around Moscow and these little houses with little lots are very popular among Muscovites, as the possibility to escape the city and enjoy the country on week-ends or full time, when retired). And I did not drive. So here is a piece of the train station, I did it when waiting for the train and added color at parents' place.
Next day I could satisfy my hunger for painting looking at my mother's flowerbed.
Some of the sketches are good, some are weak, all are drawn on A5 drawing paper (which holds water surprisingly good) with Cotman watercolors.

I mixed up the warm and cool colors, received mud as the result.  And a good next lesson in my watercolor studies.
These are same tulips as in the sketch #2. I decided to forget the ink (did the outlines with yellow ochre) and to allow my hand to fly freely.  Aha.
And the little violets finished my "in the garden" painting day.


  1. Your painting are very pretty, Irina! I hope that you had a wonderful visit with your parents!!

  2. Lookin' GOOD! I like your "free hand" tulips very much - not as tight (or controlled) as when you ink the sketch then paint. All of them are very nice. :-) A weekend away is always nice, to be able to visit parents is a treasure to savor!


    Ken B.

  3. Good and complicated sketch with so many poles.
    I love the colours you used for the flowers, and specially the tulips you did without the ink and the little violets.
    Painting plein air must be very inspiring! I have to try one day, indeed.

  4. Manon, thank you!
    Ken, thank you. You are right, it was such a nice week-end with my parents.
    Silvia, thank you, great news you and Ken like freehand tulips more then other ones. Painting plein-air is the best, the colors are completely differ from indoor or from photo paintings.
    Jyothisethu, thank you!

  5. You obviously really enjoyed your weekend. Now you have something tangible to remember it by. Lovely pictures.

  6. Irina. I like your artistic work, specially the train station. You have the sense of coulour.I admire your difficult simplicity.
    I'm a chilien friend.

  7. Beautiful and nice Sketches Irina !! I loved the post !!Great.Unseen Rajasthan

  8. Jean, thank you!
    Sergio, welcome, Chilien friend! And thank you for your warm comments.
    Bharat, thank you!


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