June 7, 2010

EDM. Draw what you see first in the morning.

A5, Ink
EDM. Draw what you see first in the morning when you get up.

The focal point of this drawing is my alarm-clock. At least I planned it to be the focal point. Then I decided it was boring to put only one object into the scene. So now you see the phone, the books, lamp and other stuff upon my bed-side table.

For many years this alarm clock was (and is) a dedicated and commanding friend. I have got it as a present from the American company "Westclox" in 1993, almost twenty years ago.

So this is what I see in the morning, the clock dial, hoping it would give me 15 minutes more to sleep.

My today photo is water lilly to-be on the calm waters of Moskva-river in Arkhangelskoe, mansion 10km away from Moscow.

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