June 24, 2010


Drawing people is a huge new challenge for drawing learner. And one step at a time makes miracles.
This time I was at the meeting and had great location for sketching, a bit upper and on the side of the crowd.


  1. It must be quite a challenge -- I don't imagine they held still for very long. I like how you caught their rapt attention.

  2. It is really a tough one, you got the perspective perfect resulting in perfect shapes of the people.Can be overwhelming when you do it on site, but seems like it was not so!

  3. I guess that drawing one person was boring? :-) Great job - I hope that my "stuff" could look as good! Watching & reading about your progress has really been fun for me.

    Ken B.

  4. Great work!! I really love this sketch!!

  5. Pam, I was lucky, as they were interested in the orator.
    Padmaja, it was so interesting lesson, I would like so much to repeat.
    Noemi, thank you!
    Ken, I am so glad you are back and commenting. Thank you!
    Manon, thank you!!


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