June 8, 2010

Watercolor Study

After four days of flu, when I did only the things I had to do, the wish to draw returned (which I proved yesterday). And today I post one more sketch, my study from the book "Watercolor Tips and Techniques".
First, I highly recommend painting as the activity which can clean the brain and soul. Because my recovery started in the moment when the alarm clock sketch was ready and completed when I finish this piece.
It turned out too dark, overworked and messy. Mr. Barry Herniman, the author of the lesson in the book would be sorry to see it. And I fell in love with his technique, freedom, color feast and pleasure I received when painting.
His site.
His blog, which looks forgotten and I am sorry about that.

Today's photo are actually three photos. I did them in Georgia, in December 2009. When driving along the small villages on the way to ancient monastery I saw that the fences, gates, benches were coloured same color in each village. So I present here blue village, green village and beige village (at least it is easy for tourists asking for the trip directions):


  1. Nice photos and excellent painting.

  2. Hi Irina. I love the colour and intensity of your painting, so expresive. I'm sure you feel better. I agree with you, drawing and painting are therapeutics!

  3. hope you feel better irina ..this is bright a bold

  4. Hoping you feel better now, Irina. Your watercolor looks a very good excercise, I like strong colors and the blu particularly!! Ciao!

  5. Beautiful And lovely !!Fantastic Painting !!Great Work Irina !!Unseen Rajasthan

  6. Thank you Abe, the word of the professional!
    Silvia, thank you!
    Jane, thank you!
    TonyaA, welcome and thank you!
    Tito, thank you!
    Bharat, wow, I hear your exclamations:-)) thank you!


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